Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Celebrity Baby Bumps and Bumps in the Road

Princess...oh, Princess! With Kim Kardashian's crumbled marriage comes the fact there may not be a peewee Humpdashian running around anytime soon, if ever (big surprise). So who's on your sure bet baby bump watch list?

Darn! I was so looking forward to fighting you for that nursery job! I'm sure it would have been quite extravagant. I've personally been dreaming of designing a magical nursery for Jennifer Aniston. The rumor mill has been churning over whether she is or is not expecting. I'll go on record though in stating....I'm ready when she is!

Ah, good ole' Jennifer Aniston. Considering the abundance of romantic comedies she's starred in, a baby bump surely would be in her future at some point. If you're looking for some funny clients I've read that Kaitlin Olson and Rob McElhenney of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia are expecting a baby boy. What a hilarious baby shower that would be.

photo credit unknown
 There's also Jessica Simpson. I couldn't see her liking my style, but you my friend would rock her babies nursery.  

Jessica Simpson Mommified for Halloween

 Bruce Willis and his wife are expecting, now there's a nursery for me! Die Hard meets Mother Goose!

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