Friday, October 28, 2011

The Chevron Shuffle

Aaron, you sneaky devil! Yes, I was snoozing away when you posted your story board, but I'd bet you're in la-la land while I'm posting mine! Would w be considered one of those "bicoastal couples" you hear about? ;) Here you go! - Sherri

Sherri, consider us bicoastal guardians of all that's kid, ready from coast to coast to right the wrongs, help the helpless and varnish the ugly with a coat of quality, low VOC paint! QUICK PRINCESS, TO THE PROPMOBILE!!! Nice collection on your board! I'm geeking out over the owl bedding, it speaks to my retro love. How amazing would that be with some natural woods, a great big barrel shade chandelier and a funky vintage bird cage converted into a mobile! I know, I know funky...this...funky that, I gotta be me! One thing that catches my eye is little miss ruffle butt. I can see three pillows inspired by her cuteness. Picture this....white serger edges on black ruffles, black and white chevron and solid white with a criss-cross applique. Chevron chic Princess! Well done!  Here are my finds...

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