Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Welcome to Our New Endeavor- The Princess and The Prop Maker

Today is an exciting day.  We are announcing Princess and the Prop Maker to the world!  We invite you to join in on the fun, ask questions, give feedback and of course share us with your friends.  Be sure to drop by our Facebook page, we'd love to interact with you there.  As Sherri flares her flowing gown in a curtsey and Aaron waives his paint covered hands hello, we extend to you our thanks and shared excitement in saying......

Welcome to the Princess and The Prop Maker

You are invited to visit our individual websites to get to know us!


  1. a very BIG warm welcome and oh how I see things happening in the very near future with the P&P duo - yup, I've got that crystal ball!

    Congrats you two on your enchanted development.

  2. Your new venture is so exciting! I can't wait to follow all that you create and know that it will be fun, sparkly, colorful and "over the top" wonderful!

  3. Thank you Terri and Phyllis! We're excited to share some insights, have a little fun poking at each other's differences and showcasing our similarities when the project calls for teamwork.